Packing Your Internal Pack

A correctly loaded pack will not only be more comfortable, it will be better balanced for stream crossings, skiing, climbing, or on uneven terrain.

Start by loosening all the compression straps on the pack, and if you prefer, internal dividers. Put your sleeping bag in the bottom, we suggest using a compressions stuff sack. Place your folded tent and rain fly on top of your sleeping bag.

Your heaviest items - food, fuel, water - should come next, and be placed close to your back, and no higher than your shoulders. Above these heavier items, and in the space away from your back, should be your lighter items, like clothes.

Side pockets should be used for fuel bottles, water bottles, or items you need to quickly access.

Once everything is loaded into your pack, cinch down the compression straps to stabilize the load and to pull it in close to your back.