ALPS Mountaineering Pro-Tester Program

Thanks for checking into our Pro Tester Program. This program has been working successfully for several years and here is how it works:

What You Get

For all approved Testers, you'll get the product that you want to test for 40% off of retail (a $100 retail item will cost you only $60.00 plus shipping).

Who Qualifies

We have no specific guidelines, but we try to chose hikers who will use & test the product and who will follow through with their evaluation forms and photos. However, you must be at least 18 years old in order to be considered for this program. We try to get a wide variety of our products placed in as many different geographical areas as possible. We mainly approve testers for packs, because we're interested in comfort and fit, and tents, because we're interested in ease of set-up, weatherproofness, durability, and overall design.

What We Need

First of all, we need for you to chose a specific product that you want to test. Please do not say "any pack or tent you want tested". When we send you the product, we'll include 2 evaluation forms. We'd like to receive one back within 30 days and the second one back within 60-90 days. They'll be real simple and straight forward, just basically asking you how well the product performed, what you liked, and what suggestions for improvement you may have. We'd also like to get at least one or two photos of the product in use (we'd prefer digital images, but color prints are OK).

20 Percent Reimbursement

After we receive your evaluation forms and photos, we'll credit you with 20% of the retail price, making your total cost of the product only 40% of retail (now your $100 item only costs you $40). In case you're wondering why we initially give you a 40% discount and then reimburse you 20% later, it's because we've been "stiffed" by previous testers who have not met their obligations. All we're trying to do is make the program fair for all of us involved. We get feedback which will make our products better and you get gear for ridiculous prices.


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E-mail Kendra ( to apply.