Warranty Information

ALPS Brands is proud of the products we market and we work hard to make them the best we possibly can. This allows us to warrant all of our products against defects in materials or workmanship. This does not cover normal wear and tear or abuse. Here's the example we like to use, making a comparison to the auto industry, since we are all familiar with cars. If you purchase a new vehicle and the motor stops running, it will be taken care of, but tires that wear out or hoods that are dented from hitting a tree are not covered. Maybe we're too midwestern, but "common sense" really does prevail.

If you would happen to have an issue with one of our products, there are mainly three different categories that most of these issues fall into. These categories are listed below. We have also listed the best method to contact us and get your issues taken care of as easy and as promptly as possible. If one of these methods is not convenient for you, please contact us by the method that works best for you

New Product with Damaged or Missing Parts -- If your product is damaged or missing parts before you even use the product, please contact us via our Returns/Contact form. When you email us, please include the name and model of the item that you have, along with the description of the damaged or missing part. We will also need your address that you would like us to send the replacement parts to. If possible, please try to leave a daytime phone number for us to reach you, in case the descriptions you give us are not clear.

Used, Damaged Product but Covered Under Warranty -- As we said above, our warranty protects against manufacturing defects and workmanship… not normal wear and tear. Please contact us via our Returns/Contact form and let us know the problem that you are experiencing. Please include the item, order number (usually on a tag that is sewn on the product) and explain the problem. Under the theory that "a picture is worth a thousand words," and to try to expedite the process as much as possible, it would be helpful to include a photo (or two). Depending on what can be determined from the photos, we may have your product sent to us for further evaluation. If we do have you send in your product, please mark the affected area(s) with a rubber band or masking tape. After we receive the product, we'll inspect it and determine if the problem is warranty or if it is just normal wear and tear. Do NOT return any items to us without first being issued an RMA# from our company.

Replacement Parts Needed for Items Not Covered Under Warranty -- Since products will wear out over time or parts will get lost, in most cases we are able to provide customers replacement parts for their existing items so they don't have to replace their entire product. We try to stock replacement parts for most of the products we sell. Since these replacement parts are not covered under warranty, we prefer that you call us because we will need to get a credit card number. The number to call for replacement parts not under warranty is 800.344.2577. If you'd like items repaired that are not covered by our warranty, we'll do our best to give you a fair estimate of the charges and also do our best to repair the product for you, or refer you to one of several repair specialists that we work closely with.

Additional Furniture Information

Furniture "Common Sense" - We frequently get feedback from our customers about how comfortable, strong and durable our furniture is. We also occasionally get "interesting" comments from customers about damage caused by accident, poor use, neglect, UV damage, etc. While our furniture is considerably stronger and "better made" than most, our furniture is not indestructible. It is designed to be used on generally level surfaces by one person with all of the legs on the ground, and can be compromised if it is used in unsafe and abusive conditions (not allowing all the legs to be on the ground, jumping on the furniture, multiple people over-loading the furniture, sitting on the arms of the chairs, sitting or standing on the tables, etc.). We think a car example might be helpful here. If you drive your car, or even your SUV, down the highway, you're probably not going to encounter any structural damage to your vehicle. However, if you make a right turn through a ditch, where several of the wheels are off the ground, it's a pretty sure bet you'll end up with damaged parts. There are few consumer products that will not be damaged if they're used in abusive situations… either accidentally or on purpose. If you use your furniture as it's intended, and limit prolonged exposure to the sun and other weather, we are confident that it will give you years of comfort and enjoyment.

Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

"How does sunlight (direct and indirect) affect my furniture?" - The materials of the furniture will be compromised if they are continually left outside and exposed to the weather. The sun's UV rays are extremely powerful and continued exposure to direct sunlight will damage the chair's fabric and overall finish. Besides just fading the fabric, the sun's UV rays will eventually weaken the fabric to the point that it will no longer support your weight, may easily tear, and may cause the chair to fail with minimal weight being applied. Even indirect UV exposure can cause the fabrics to show premature aging and result in disintegration of the bindings and fabric. It is not recommended that any of our furniture be left outside on a continued basis.

"Can I expect to see any rust on my furniture?" - While powder coating is a very tough and durable paint system, it may lose its resistance to rust in places where the furniture has joints and "folding places" that can rub off the paint and expose the metal. Keeping the frames clean and dry will greatly extend the appearance and life of the furniture.

"Have other questions?" – We can be contacted at 800.344.2577 (Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm Central Time).

Note: Our listed weight capacities are based on exceeding static weight tests.